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Technically, the template can be called almost anything (see these two lists for names you should not use; these are special file names WordPress reserves for specific purposes). However, using a standard name for your template will make it easier to change your blog’s theme or distribute your theme and template to the WordPress community. It’s also possible to display a large archive index using one of the all-purpose templates (like index.php or category.php) and the is_page function, but again, taking advantage of the theme system’s modularity makes it easier for others (and for you!) to edit your template later.

For more information on creating templates, see Template Tags, particularly wp_get_archives.

The Archives Page

Create archive.php in your theme directory (wp-content/themes/themename/). Then from the Admin Panel, Pages > Add new

  1. Give your new archives Page a suitable title like Site Archives. Leave the Page content blank.

In the sidebar open the Page templates box, and select the Archives template. After saving it you will see a new item in your pages list, click on it, and enjoy!

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